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Is Affiliate Marketing Possible on Facebook?

Is Affiliate Marketing Possible on Facebook?

Contrary to popular belief, affiliate marketing is not dead. Sure, it has its down
moments, but it is still one of the best ways to generate income online.

Having said that, social media has been on the rise in recent years that you could now
use the platform for affiliate marketing purposes. Though, there are slight differences in
the way you do things; the concept still remains.

To answer the question that is posed as the title of this article, yes, you can use affiliate
marketing on Facebook.

Facebook is actually one of the best platforms to do marketing on simply because the
vast majority of people who have access to the internet has an account on the popular

Sure, the number of active users may have dwindled since then, but you cannot argue
the fact that millions and millions of people all over the world are still using the medium.
So, how is affiliate marketing done on Facebook?

Use Your Personal Account

The beauty of Facebook and how it relates to marketing is that you can use the platform
to create posts that can be interactive. You will know if people actually like your post if
they interact with it (either in the form of likes, emojis, sharing, or even commenting on

Although this provides you with the least amount of traction, you can still post on your
personal account, provided that you do not come off too much as giving them a sales

Make a Group

You can also create your own group on Facebook. This is quite ideal since a group of
people will almost always get you more traction than if you are operating alone.

That being said, what you post in your group should be tempered in a way that balances
things out. Sure, you can create your own content on your own website and post the link
on the group, but you have to also add it with some new posts that do not have affiliate
links in them.

Again, the general idea here is to make your group somewhat neutral in the sense that
you are not actively pitching anyone anything. I know that this may sound
counterintuitive, but Facebook is actually cracking down on groups that try their hardest
to sell things. If you balance your affiliate posts and normal posts really well, then that
will be your sweet spot.

Create Your Own Page

This works really well, especially if you already have a blog or website. Think of this as
your company page on Facebook. This page can be used as a means to help promote
your main content pieces from your blog so that you do not have to come off as too

Although Facebook groups and pages have their own similarities, the latter invites little
to no interaction at all. Still, Facebook pages are much easier to manage and you can
post whatever you want on it, provided that you do not be overt with your sales pitch.


One of Facebook’s strongest features is its ad campaign. It is very simple to use and
you can set your parameters depending on what you want out of it.

You just have to read the platforms’ rules about ads so that they won’t take down what
you’ve posted. This can be a great way for you to promote some of your affiliate links,
but again, do not go way overboard with this one.

Choosing The Right Watch Dial Color

Choosing The Right Watch Dial Color

Consider every watch you buy as an investment. They may be expensive, but they deserve to be
worn regularly. For it to work, you must learn how to match them with your clothes. Color is an
important element that can help you match your clothes with your timepieces. There is no point
in purchasing a vintage Rolex watch with an elegant salmon dial if it makes you wouldn’t look
like a boss inside the boardroom.
See to it that you are choosing the correct watch dial color. At some point, you will have a hard
time choosing among the sleek watch design’s in Malaysia. That’s completely normal. There are
tons of timepieces on the preowned and vintage market, so take your time in picking the right one.

Blue – Intelligence, Confidence and Trust

Timepieces with blue dials are crucial parts of today’s different watch trends. In fact, there are
tons of new blue-dialed watch models from brands such as Omega, Rolex and Patek Philippe.
Blue is highly versatile, bold primary color that can be paired easily with all kinds of clothes. A
timepiece with a blue dial would look amazing with black and brown straps.

White – Light, Purity and Innocence

Are you getting your first ever vintage watch? A white dial is good choice. The color white has a
universal appeal that makes it suitable for office wear or casual parties. Since it is a neutral
shade, it can be paired with any outfit.

Black – Practicality, Formality and Power

Black is the correct watch dial color for formality, power and practicality. It is practical because
of the fact that timepieces with black dials usually comes with luminous hands that make it easier
to check the time in poor, low-light visibility.
Many people settle with buying a black-faced timepiece if its band is also black. You can
consider this as a faulty logic, since there are tons of brands out there that pair silver cases with
black dials.

Green Orange and Red – Fertility, Enthusiasm, and Energy

A red dials suggest that you are an eccentric, action-oriented person. Yellow usually represents
inclination and alertness to be orderly. Orange, on the other hand, show warmth, as well as a
tendency to be sociable and outgoing. For green dials, a military connotation is always attached.
These are challenging colors to wear, but at the end of the day, it’s your own personal style that
would fuel your confidence.

Some of the Best Watch Investments that Are Worth  Your Money

Some of the Best Watch Investments that Are Worth Your Money

One of the best things about watches is that if you buy the right watch, you can treat
them as an investment since they are going to appreciate in value the longer you have
them in your possession.
Although the really old mechanical watches are already significantly harder to find
without the right contacts and sellers, this is not to say that you cannot make an
investment now in the hopes of having it increase in value for the years to come.
If you are looking to buy a watch as an investment, then you’ve come to the right article.
I will highly some of the best watches that can potentially be worthy investments down
the line. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Rolex Deepsea Sea Dweller

This is a rather newer watch made by one of the most prominent figures in the watch
industry. The Rolex Deepsea Sea Dweller may not have shared the same success to
that of the original Submariner, but early adopters are already liking the watch more
than the classic.
Its design is much louder than the classic submariner but you can rest assured that its
price will appreciate later down the line.

Omega Seamaster

You might have seen this watch before if you are fond of James Bond movies because
this is actually the master agent’s timepiece of choice.
Omega Seamaster is always a sure hit and you are going to want to purchase this
particular watch if you want to make sure that your investment is going to be worthwhile.
If you can, buy the Quartz version of this iconic watch because I’ve heard that the
company will discontinue this version in the foreseeable future. You know very well that
if a certain product line is discontinued that its value will surely rise when that happens.

Tag Heuer Silverstone

The company is known for its racing-inspired watches and the Tag Heuer Silverstone is
definitely one of them. Although the watch itself was made a couple of decades ago, it
was only reissued back in 2010. It still has its iconic leather rally strap and large TV
case and only 1,860 of them were made. Grab yours now and sell them a decade later!

Rolex Submariner

The iconic Rolex Submariner is definitely a good investment simply because it is made
by a reputable watchmaking company. But, aside from that, the Submariner is an iconic
watch because it is ‘the’ standard divers watch back in the 1950s.
One of the reasons why watch collectors love the Submariner is the fact that you can
wear it for pretty much any occasion. Whether you are diving in the ocean or attending a
formal event, this watch suits perfectly on you no matter what you do.

Patek Philippe 5205

This horologist was the inventor of the wristwatch and because of this prestige, his
company sells some of the most expensive watches in the world.
If you have about $40,000 to invest on a watch, definitely buy the Patek Philippe 5205
watch. This is part of the company’s ‘complications’ range and you can just marvel at its

Dads' Favorite Baby Gear

Dads' Favorite Baby Gear

Look at the bearers, pacifiers, high seats (and that’s just the beginning) that these fathers can’t
survive without.

Munchkin Inflatable Safety Duck Tub

I was anxious from the outset about washing my little girl, Haven. Be that as it may, the
Munchkin Inflatable Safety Duck Tub helped me unwind.
The finished base shields her from slipping; the cushioning ensures her head and keeps her safe
and comfortable. In addition, a dab fills me in as to whether the water is excessively hot.

NumiMed Medicine Pacifier

The NumiMed Medicine Pacifier came in helpful when our daughter, Eavan, was wiped out. It
was the most effortless approach to get her to swallow her drugs so she could show signs of
improvement quick.

Graco Pack ‘n Play

I utilized the Graco Pack ‘n Play pretty much consistently with Olivia. The removable changing
table gives a midsection high area to diaper obligation, and the implicit bassinet was ideal for
letting her catch a fast rest.

First Years Night and Day Bottle Warmer

At the point when my girl, Abby, was a newborn baby care and should have been bolstered at
regular intervals, the First Years Night and Day Bottle Warmer was extraordinary. It has a cooler
for putting away premade jugs, and it warms one up in the time it takes to change a diaper.
That spared me from running here and there the stairs in the night.
Me Too! Convenient High Chair and Kiddopotamus TinyDiner Portable Placemat
The Me Too! Convenient High Chair cinches to the table rapidly and securely and makes my girl,
Mary, feel like a piece of the activity. Besides, it crumples effectively for movement. We use it
at home as well.
The Kiddopotamus TinyDiner Portable Placemat adheres to the table to shield kids from germs.
We use it all the time at eateries – my little girl, Kalea, eats right off it.

Avent Bottle Trainer Kit

I think the Avent Bottle Trainer Kit is extraordinary. It made it simple for us to change Nevin
from jugs to sippy cups without purchasing an entire pantry of new stuff.


On account of Bottlelink, I never again spend supper time grabbing my child’s container. This
plastic chain snares a sippy cup or container to the high seat, so when Carlos chooses to hurl it,
he can just draw it back up himself.

Pigeon Baby Powder Case with Puff

My twins, Michelle and Jamie, have never had diaper rash, and I’m persuaded this is a direct
result of the Pigeon Baby Powder Case with Puff. I fill the case with cornstarch powder and
utilize the puff tool to convey a decent, even coat on their bottoms – no simple undertaking is
given how squirmy my young ladies are.

Radio Flyer Voyager Canopy Wagon

The Radio Flyer Voyager Canopy Wagon is ideal for my children, who are 2 and 1. It has two
seats, each with a safety belt.
The covering shields them from the blistering sun, and the wagon is sturdy enough to pull along
the gravelly walkways close to our home.

Child Sherpa Backpack

The most brilliant item I’ve utilized is the Baby Sherpa Backpack. It has huge amounts of room, a
protected jug holder, clasps and ropes to verify every one of your fundamentals, and an
evolving mat.
Also, it would appear that a climber pack, so I don’t feel unsure doing it when I’m with Abbie
and Parker.

Mobile UI Design Trends for 2019

Mobile UI Design Trends for 2019

Mobile app Malaysia – Another year has come, which is energizing since it implies that we get the chance to adopt new things, attempt out new design tools, and basically have some good times while doing what we want to do. 

Also, by its vibes, 2019 won’t be a time of dormant development either. There are a great deal of energizing plan patterns to anticipate, particularly in the event that you work with a mobile User Interface

Augmented Reality (AR), which was before a cutting edge popular expression, has gradually however doubtlessly advanced toward standard structure patterns. Furthermore, we are going to see much more AR development in the coming years. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is growing past chatbots and offers solid answers for making profoundly customized client encounters. 

This and considerably more to be taken a gander at in this inside and out the review of mobile UI trends that are setting the tone for 2019. 

Augmented Reality: From Unfathomable to Practical 

Google originally presented its arrangements for AR Maps back in 2018 amid the Google I/O Keynote. Not exactly a year later, Google is beginning to disclose its enlarged reality tech for maps to a private subset of clients. 

This most up to date form of Maps utilize your cell phone’s camera to expand the GPS in your quick environment. The camera can get the precise position of where you are and provide continuously increased input on structure locations and more. 

Artificial Intelligence: Voice-based User Interface 

Imagining that it has been not exactly a year since Google declared its Google Duplex project —an Artificial Intelligence. controlled voice-based that can perform more tasks. 

In-Application Gestures: A Powerful User Experience 

This is significant to any versatile UI architect out there in light of the fact that the absence of catches implies clients need to depend on the User Interface (UI) to accomplish certain undertakings. With in-application motions, you can allude to clients what a particular catch does, or how a specific activity creates a particular outcome. 


The initial introduction checks, so making it as awesome as conceivable is high up on the need list. Furthermore, since most apps begin with an onboarding procedure, it bodes well that it would likewise be where you start including vivified content. 

Any new plan thought and the idea appears to be amazingly luring at first, as was current liveliness when it previously came to portable applications. Be that as it may, this isn’t about “cool impacts” or “being superior to X.” Instead, you can utilize an activity to connect with your clients on a generally more profound dimension. 

How to Buy a Wristwatch as a Gift: 4 Helpful Tips

How to Buy a Wristwatch as a Gift: 4 Helpful Tips

For many people, selecting the best wristwatch for their loved one can be tricky. There are tons of women’s and men’s watches in Malaysia, so picking one can be stressful. Below are some tips that you must take into account when purchasing a watch for someone.

1. Learn more about watch movements.

There are several types of watch movements. Though, in general, timepieces generally fall in 2 primary categories–mechanical and quartz. To know if watch has a quartz and mechanical movement, pay more attention to its second hand. The second hands of quartz watches have tick-tock movements per second. This is the reason why luxury watch brands utilize mechanical or automatic movements.

2. Consider your budget.

Some watch brands are affordable, some are not. Choose a brand and a style, depending on your budget. Don’t worry, there is a watch for every budget range. Pick one that will compliment your style and personality. If you are willing to spend a little bit more, select a watch that can serve as an heirloom piece.

3. Pick a timepiece with a minimalist, classy design.

It’s always better to choose a watch with a minimalist, classy design. This is something that your loved one can wear with any outfit and in any situation or event.

4. Choose the most appropriate watch size.

This is probably one of the most important things you must consider when choosing a watch as a gift. Keep proportion in mind at all times. If the watch is too small or big, it will surely look awkward on the wrist. The general rule is to pick a watch with a face that is 34mm to 50mm in diameter.



Have you at any point ended up considering what really matters to a watch? Maybe you’ve heard terms like an automatic watch and quartz watch, however, you simply don’t have the foggiest idea what they mean. 

These are two unique sorts of watch developments. A watch development, otherwise called a bore, is the instrument of a watch. Basically, it is the powerhouse of the watch-what is most important to it! 

Quartz Vs Automatic Reliability

Outwardly, it’s hard to differentiate between quartz and a programmed watch. A simple method to recognize a quartz watch from a programmed watch is to give close consideration to the manner in which the recycled moves. 

On a quartz watch, the second hand has the tick-tock movement regularly connected with timekeepers. The second hand on a programmed watch moves in a smooth, clearing movement. 

However, while their appearance might be comparable, it’s what is within that makes these two sorts of watches so extraordinary. Their cerebrums, in a manner of speaking, are what make these watches work in an unexpected way and we’ll get into that in one minute. 

Both quartz and programmed watches are dependable and can tell genuinely exact time. Be that as it may, quartz watches are viewed as better when it comes to exactness. 

A quartz watch can quantify specific time inside a large portion of a second out of every day. A programmed watch might be off by a couple of moments every day. 

Since programmed watches comprise of all the more moving parts, there is a higher likelihood of a breakdown, making time be less precise. Over the long haul, the dependability of your watch halfway relies upon how well you deal with it. 

Quartz Vs Automatic Weight

Another distinction between quartz and programmed watches is their weight. For the most part, programmed watches are heavier and bulkier than quartz watches. 

This is because the majority of the steel parts that contain a programmed watch development. Everything comes down to the multifaceted nature of the development. 

The more entanglements, for example, cautions, chronographs, never-ending schedules, and so forth., the heavier it will gauge. It’s essential to remember that the distinction in weight is somewhat controlled by the watch segments. 

In case you’re searching for a lightweight watch, you ought to presumably go with a quartz watch. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you like watches with more capacities and wouldn’t fret a smidgen of additional load on your wrist, a programmed watch is the one for you. 

A Closer Look at Quartz Movement Watches

Quartz development is electronic development. As its name proposes, a quartz watch contains a little bit of quartz precious stone coordinated into the watch’s mechanics. 

This is the place science turns out to be increasingly included. Each timekeeping gadget needs something consistent to quantify time against, isn’t that so? 

That is actually what the quartz is for. To take control of quartz watch developments, a battery sends an electrical flow through the quartz precious stone, which zaps the gem and makes vibrations. 

These vibrations keep the development swaying and drive the engine to move the watch’s hands to read a clock. The vibrations happen at a splendidly steady recurrence, which is the reason quartz watches are unimaginably precise. 

Do Quartz Watches Need Batteries?

While most quartz watches are battery fueled, there are a couple of exemptions. In 1976, Citizen concocted the world’s first light-fueled quartz watch. 

This innovation presently alluded to as “Eco-Drive,” creates control from any light source to the watch running while never supplanting batteries. This sunlight based fueled watches charge themselves utilizing characteristics, counterfeit, and even diminish light. 

Eco-Drive quartz watches can keep running for as long as a while without an extra introduction to light when completely energized. For the most part, customary quartz watches batteries will last two to five years before waiting to be supplanted. 

Watches with extravagant highlights, for example, enlightenment, compasses or stopwatches can possibly experience batteries snappier. 

How would I care for a quartz watch?

Obviously, you should consistently be cautious when wearing any kind of watch so as not to harm it. Other than that, quartz watches are genuinely low support. 

Since most quartz watches are battery worked, you basically need to supplant the battery once it passes on. It’s ideal to bring your quartz watch to an expert to have the battery supplanted. Any great expert gem specialist, as Hamel Leo, will offer to clean your watch also. 

Plunge Deep into Mechanical Movement Watches

Quartz watches are their very own class. Be that as it may, programmed watches can be alluded to by a couple of various names. 

We’re going to separate it actually rapidly to take out any perplexity. Programmed watches are likewise called mechanical watches. 

Mechanical watches are made of two sub-gatherings: programmed and manual breeze. Manual breeze watches aren’t as basic these days as programmed watches, which is the reason the programmed sub-bunch is likewise utilized as the primary term. Presently, how about we investigate these sorts of watches. 

Not at all like quartz watches, mechanical watches are not battery worked; they keep running on active vitality. Mechanical developments use vitality from an injury spring to control the watch. 

The spring store’s vitality moves it through a progression of gears and different springs and manages the arrival of vitality so as to move the watch’s hands to read a clock. A mechanical watch will have somewhere in the range of 50 to 300 working parts, contingent upon the development. 

The majority of the many-sided subtleties and modest parts of mechanical watches is the thing that makes them so interesting. Truth be told, numerous mechanical watches have a window looking into the issue back to enable you to watch the development. 

Mechanical watches are either self-winding programmed watches or manual-wind watches. Programmed developments make vitality from the characteristic movement of the wearers’ wrist. With every development of the wrist, a metal weight called the rotor, twists and moves vitality that will naturally wind the heart. 

Up to a programmed watch is worn routinely, it will keep up timekeeping capacities without requiring winding. Be that as it may if a programmed watch hasn’t been worn for an all-inclusive timeframe it will require a brisk manual breeze to amass control. 

In the event that you don’t feel like hand-winding your programmed watch at whatever point it hasn’t been worn for some time, an extraordinary option is to utilize a watch winder. The winder turns the watch around, moving the rotor and winding the fountainhead. 

It’s extremely helpful for a programmed watch to be put away on a winder and we healthily prescribe it. 

The other sort of mechanical watches, manual development watches are viewed as the most conventional. In many cases, these sorts of watches are alluded to as “hand-wound developments” since they must be physically twisted by delivering the request to make vitality to move the watch’s origin. 

The capacities are basically equivalent to a programmed watch aside from the wearer must turn the crown on numerous occasions to wind the origin and store potential vitality. Manual-wind watches can possibly hold enough capacity to keep running for somewhere in the range of 24 hours to at least 5 days, contingent upon the development. 

It might appear to be repetitive or vexatious to need to physically wind your watch, yet it is a piece of the conventional intrigue. Most manual-wind watch aficionado has essentially made the propensity for winding their watch before wearing it.

Organizing a Networking Dinner

Organizing a Networking Dinner

1. Venue and Location

The very first thing you must decide on is the place where you will hold your networking dinner. If you love cooking, you would surely love the idea of hosting it on your home. That can bring about a more intimate experience, but eh logistics is more challenging. To make things easier for you, host it in a restaurant with a cozy feel.

2. Payment

So, how are you planning to handle the payment? If you are dining at a restaurant, the most awkward aspect is dealing with the check once it arrives. For one-time networking dinners, the host usually shoulders the costs. However, if your event happens on a regular basis, that decision can be really expensive.

3. Guest List

Every event planner in Malaysia recognizes the significance of a guest list. Whether it’s a birthday party or a networking dinner, you must focus on putting together an amazing event guest list. Ask them ahead of time if they are available on the day of your event.

4. Conversations

The conversations are the most important parts of networking dinners. As the host, you need to direct and step up every conversation. Never stay passive. Mingle well, and take control of the conversation, if you have to. Take charge of group introductions. Give each guest a better sense of all the people on the table, so later on in the night, they would know who to converse with further. You got to work on those conversation skills!

When is the Time to Upgrade Your Hosting Plan? Three Important Things to Remember!

When is the Time to Upgrade Your Hosting Plan? Three Important Things to Remember!

Best hosting service provider in Malaysia – To moderate any issues a move in hosting plan may cause, it is fitting for you to anticipate an update before it’s a great opportunity to make the move. Initially, we should experience a portion of the pointers which may indicate it is the ideal opportunity for that overhaul;

Performance Issues

Regularly your site is zooming along easily however all of a sudden, you see it begin to back off now and again. Your page burden times increment, and you see guests begin to experience blunders once in a while when stacking your site.

Web Page performance is one of the key things that let you keep guests happy and a questionably site can cost you truly. Most guests anticipate that destinations should stack rapidly and in the event that it doesn’t, they will simply search for an option.

Expanded Security Requirements

Your site has been running for some time and your group of spectators is growing. You’ve begun getting more clients buying in for data or even join your client database for instance. This implies you’re currently in charge of protecting their information and security is going to the fore of your mind.

Surpassing Allowed Bandwidth

Some shared hosting plans spot constraints on the measure of transmission capacity that your site can utilize every month. As a standard guideline, the more guests you are getting, the more data transmission is taken up. Obviously, there are special cases, for example, in the event that you have a great deal of interactive media content as that devours data transfer capacity also.

Why You’d Want to Buy One of These Baby Bibs

Why You’d Want to Buy One of These Baby Bibs

There are so many different types of baby bibs that you can find on the market. There is the fabric bib which is usually made of cotton. There is the silicone bib that is perfect for capturing solid foods. And there are also others that are considered to be hybrid ones and those that have adorable prints on them.

But, there is one thing in common in all of these things: they are only made with one material. That means that if you are going to buy a silicone bib, then that is made entirely out of silicone and nothing else.

Now, why is this a huge problem? Well, that is because you will need to have different types of bibs for different occasions. For instance, fabric bibs are great for capturing baby drool, but they are not especially good at capturing breast/formula milk or solid foods.

Conversely, silicone bibs are great for solid foods, but they are not especially good when it comes to capturing baby drools. If drools are left near the neck area of your baby, it could lead to drool rash, which is something that you do not want your baby to acquire.

So, how will you solve this problem? Well, you can buy another type of bib: The Baby Bandana Drool Bib.
What is It?

This baby bib is a bib that is specially designed to soak up drool away from your baby’s body. You see, babies are still developing all of their muscles that could help them control their saliva. Teething also makes it so much worse as it helps produce more saliva in the process.

Now, you might be thinking of not getting a bib at all, but that would mean that you either have to wipe the drool of manually a couple of hundred times a day or you could change your baby’s clothes about 3-5 times more in a single day.

So, you’re probably thinking of just using a silicone or fabric bib for that matter, right? Technically, you can. However, as previously stated, these bibs are only made out of only one material, which means that they are not really good at sucking other things.

The baby bandana drool bib keeps your baby dry by sucking up both baby drools, milk, and food all at the same time! The reason why this is possible is that it is made of fabric at the top layer and a super absorbent fleece layer at the bottom. So technically, this bib is made of two layers that provide the best protection possible against the aforementioned elements.

Not to mention that these bibs are quite stylish as well. There are some parents that want their little ones to be stylish, cute, and adorable and this bandana bib doesn’t disappoint.

And, the best part is that because the top layer is made of 100% organic cotton, you can rest assured that it will be safe on your baby’s sensitive skin.