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Top Affiliate Marketing Trends in the Year 2020

Some of the basic tenets of affiliate marketing in Malaysia still remain to this day. For instance, you are still going to create content and you will find a way to include your affiliate links to your content as well.
That being said, there are some new affiliate marketing trends that are being followed each and every year. I wonder what it is that we’re going to use in 2020? If you are interested, read through the rest of the article to find out what they are.

Push for Mobile Content

Affiliate marketers are catering towards the mobile crowd because we are in an era where people actually use more of their mobile devices as opposed to their clunkier PC or laptop counterparts.
In fact, last year, the mobile crowd has trumped the desktop crowd as it reached 61.2% in online views in 2018. This is just going to improve moving forward.
This now puts some pressure on affiliate marketers in making sure that their content is supported on multiple devices, including smartphones and tablets.

The Era of Influencer Marketing

An influencer is someone who frequents social media platforms and popular websites and they are people that have amassed a loyal following. A couple of years ago, influencer marketing was born.
Essentially, because of the influence that these people have, they can post any links to specific landing pages on their content or website that will help generate clicks.
That is why affiliate marketers are going to have to collaborate with popular influencers in a certain niche.

Push Traffic

Back in the day, people who visit websites would be asked to sign-up to the website’s email list. Although that is still an option that you can take today, the era of push marketing is here and now.
Since a lot of people now use their mobile devices, affiliate marketers can give the option to their audience if they want to receive push notifications regarding deals and promotions.
This can be a great avenue for you to reach a much wider audience without all of the hassles of building an email list.

A Move for More Video Content

According to Zenith, the company has predicted that video content is going to take over the internet at the start of the year 2021. Whether that is true or not remains to be seen, but one cannot argue that people are consuming more video content now more than ever before.
That can be attributed to a couple of things. One, people now have access to much faster internet connections. Two, mobile devices are capable of streaming video content without any problems. Three, video content is more accessible now thanks to the many streaming and video platforms available today.

Emphasis on Data Security

As more and more people go online now, there is now a growing concern about data privacy and security. Website owners and bloggers would have to reassure the public that any of their sensitive information will not be divulged anywhere.

5 Helpful Tips for Choosing the Right Web Hosting  Company, Revealed

5 Helpful Tips for Choosing the Right Web Hosting Company, Revealed

In the early days of the internet, you do not have to worry about finding a good web
hosting company simply because there are only a handful of options to choose from.
That is no longer the case nowadays simply because there has been a massive influx of
new hosting companies in the mix.
But, you do not have to scour the internet to find the information that you need to
choose the right hosting company for you. Today, I will be giving away some helpful tips
for you to do just that.

Traffic Speed and Storage Capacity

Two of the most basic services that are offered by hosting providers are bandwidth and
storage. The former refers to the amount of data that is transferred to and from your
website and the other one refers to the data storage capacity that you are given as part
of your hosting plan. An example of this would be a hosting plan that gives you 10GB
per month of bandwidth and 2GB storage capacity.
That being said, you might have come across hosting providers that would offer you
unlimited bandwidth but do not instantly fall for this. This is not to say that there are no
companies that offer this, but what I am saying is that you have to know what the
service entails.
You see, there are others that would say that you can get unlimited bandwidth but the
reality of it is that when you reach a certain threshold, the speed of your website will fall
until the first day of the next month begins.
This is something that happens quite often in most hosting companies, but I do want to
say that there are some legitimate companies that are truthful about their promises.
So, if ever you are going to find one, make sure to read the ToS to find out if they are
indeed providing you with unlimited bandwidth.

Service Uptime

The main service that hosting providers can give you is the ability for your website to be
accessed online. That happens when the server where your website’s files are placed is
running without hiccups. However, you must always keep in mind that a server
computer- no matter how powerful they can be- can still fail at any time.
How quickly a hosting company is able to resolve the issue of server failure or outage is
a testament to how good their company really is.

How Many Clients Per Server?

This refers to shared hosting plans. Because of the nature of shared hosting, it is
possible that you get lumped in a single server with thousands of clients. This is not
ideal which is why you have to ask your provider how many clients per server are they
putting when it comes to shared hosting. Ideally, you want it below 50 clients per server.

Be Wary of Extra Fees

Although most companies are pretty transparent as to how much you’re going to have
to pay every month, be sure to look for any extra fees so that you will not be surprised
when the monthly bill comes.

Get the Annual Plan

Annual plans are usually being offered at heavily-discounted prices and that is why I
encourage you to get that if you are happy with your current hosting provider’s service.

Smart Ways to Decorate Your Dorm

Smart Ways to Decorate Your Dorm

Many college students need more space, more light, and more style as dorms are the only place they call home while in college. So it’s only fair they want to make the best of their rooms.

This need becomes more evident as they pursue professions such as interior design firms. Many of those students have set design trends for small spaces and in the field of furniture design, trying to solve their problems at hand. Our approach to problem solving has led to solutions now being used everywhere in small rooms and small apartments.

Elevate Your Bed

One probably thought about how much storage space is being wasted by leaving the area above the bed without any furniture for storage. You may regain the precious space for storage, furniture or a small couch by putting the bed above. Now you are going to have a new place to relax and even to learn.

If you can’t raise your bed, then another great way to use some of that space is to lift it up enough so that you can put some drawers under the bed. The value this offers? Less storage space, less effort is needed, and you’re not going to have to climb a staircase to get to your bed–handy when you’re really tired or come home from a party. You can simply store your things and cover the room with a nice cloth, if you are on a budget and not in DIY. It looks clean and stylish.

Widen Your Room with the Help of Mirrors

Everywhere, this style trick was used: from living rooms to restaurants, bathrooms and kitchens. So why not use it in a student’s room at a college? It will add more light to the spot, and the space would look twice its size if it is a large mirror–like a full body mirror. You won’t have to nail the mirror to the wall, you can just place it next to the wall carefully, and the mirror itself will do the rest. Besides, the mirror will be a necessary item if the student is one who cares for their appearance.

Decorate Your Room with Removable Wallpapers

It is widely known that college students are not really in control of the room in which they reside, so any design ideas involving painting or permanent damage to the structure and walls are quickly discarded. The industry has luckily provided us with some fabrics that are ideal for adding color to the bedroom and that can be easily removed later.

Removable wallpaper, just like normal wallpapers, comes in as many patterns and colors as you can imagine. You can pick which pattern suits your style. Cover the spot behind your desk, the wall next to your bed, or you can rearrange the bed and use the wall as a fun headboard. Once you have finished your studies you can simply peel it off the wall without causing any damage.

Bring Your Furnitures If You Can

In general, the rooms are decorated for students, but this is traditional and does not reflect the personality of the student at all. If you have a place to store this furniture so you can carry your own furniture, then so be it! Productivity has been proven to increase when people feel more comfortable, and develop a sense of belonging to the place where they work or study.
So if there are no issues with the college or landlord, and you can carry your own furniture to your college house, then take the opportunity to give the place an atmosphere of its own.

Beautify the Room with Tapestry

If removable wallpaper is not your thing (or if it is not approved by the college), you can hang a tapestry on the wall so that it can become the room’s focal point and at the same time bring some color. The same tapestry will serve as a headboard if you wish, so you’ll save some precious inches–which seem trivial until you’ve got to deal with a really small room.
To those students with a passion for handmade fabrics and bohemian spaces, this concept is great. Combining the tapestry with some tiny lights in the ceiling will change the atmosphere. The room is going to be sleek, colourful and without harming the properties of the institution.

Do Many Things with Multi-Function Furniture

It’s better to go for the tiny but functional furniture like a small table that can be turned into four small benches, or a pouf that can be used as a chair, an ottoman and even a table if you’re just watching a movie and need a spot for the popcorn and snacks. An ottoman that lets you store stuff inside is also a great choice.

If you want to keep it simple, then this multi-functional furniture is the perfect choice for your room. The mattress may fold to be a small bench or a small table, and later it may unfold to be a chair or a bed. This is also a great way for guests to crash after a “test” late at night.

Design a Room for Two

It’s no secret that students at the college share their space with a roommate more often than not. Both will need space for storage, illumination, warmth and a position that looks as large as possible. So if it’s ok with them, a cohesive color palette or buying furniture that can suit both people is an added value that needs to be taken into consideration.

Of course, when it comes to colors and decorations, all students will have their own personalities and interests but most likely their needs will be the same. So a closet can do wonders for a college room that suits two rows of hangers, or matching bed sheets.

These are some of the most successful ways to make a college dorm room at its best. These are mainly inexpensive, and will make the space a comfortable place with the right conditions to increase productivity while studying and working.

Gambling Addiction

Gambling Addiction

Gambling is a procedure compulsion that can be similarly as hard to break as a substance
fixation. The sufferer can lose everything accordingly and not simply material things.
Gambling fixation has the ability to strip the person of all that they hold that is of worth; this
may incorporate their activity, reserve funds, home, and connections. More than that, it can
take their confidence, their pride, their wellbeing because of stress, and can truly influence
their emotional wellness.

Procedure addictions are similarly as genuine as substance addictions, as the individual will go
to any lengths to get their next fix. The conduct is habitual, and as they feel increasingly more
caught by their fixation, sorrow and self-destructive contemplations can set in.
This can lead a person to, unfortunately taking their own life as they lose a point of view on
their general surroundings.
Gambling Addiction is a disease coming about because of a motivation issue and fixation of the
psyche. The sufferer loses the decision of control around their gambling, and the outcomes can
be annihilating.

Without appropriate treatment, all things considered, the issue will just deteriorate. On the off
chance that you have worries that you or a friend or family member might be experiencing a
gambling dependence, we are certain we can help.
Haven Lodge offers a restraint-based program that works by treating the main drivers of the
fixation. We will give a full and complete recovery program to those experiencing a gambling

Our program conveys creative methods, handling the psychological, social, and profound parts
of the sickness. We utilize a blend of treatments that are demonstrated to be fruitful in treating
gambling enslavement, including Cognitive Behavioral treatment, 12-advance treatment,
guiding, and all-encompassing treatments.
Here are some basic signs and indications to pay special mind to:

  • Obsessing about gambling and putting down the following wager
  • Continuing to bet in any event, when not having the assets to do as such
  • Financial obligation
  • Unable to control gambling, betting more than initially planned
  • Hiding bank proclamations and funds from others
  • Disappearing for extensive periods
  • Neglecting different obligations, for example, family, work and connections
  • Borrowing or taking cash to fund the propensity
  • Loss of enthusiasm for interests and social exercises
  • Feelings of blame and disgrace around cash lost.
  • Defensiveness when tested around cash or gambling.
  • Low confidence
  • Anxiety and gloom

We treat all gambling addictions, including those influenced by poker, the best live casino, web-
based gambling, betting, hustling, slot machines, lotto, and scratch cards.

7 All-Star Local Food Establishments in Kuala Lumpur vthat You Must Visit

7 All-Star Local Food Establishments in Kuala Lumpur vthat You Must Visit

If you are new to Kuala Lumpur and you get a girl escort to help guide you through the
city, you will find that you get hungry rather quickly and the reason is that you can find
so many different food establishments in the metro.

But, not all eateries are the best. If you only want to sample the cream of the crop, then
read through the rest of the article to find some local food establishments in Kuala
Lumpur that you must visit.

1. Village Park Nasi Lemak

If you want to sample some local Nasi Lemak– a rice dish that is infused with coconut
milk- then I recommend that you go to the Village Park as they serve some amazing
Nasi Lemak with Chicken.

Although the rice is somewhat similar to that of others, the chicken is really something
special. It is marinated with different spices and you have a choice of having it in original
flavor or you can have the chef spice it up a little bit if that is what you prefer.

2. Foong Foong Yong Tau Fu

The Foong Foong Yong Tau Fu Restaurant has an incredible assortment of foods that
you definitely must try. I personally liked their bean curd skill roll because it is crispy on
the outside yet soft and springy on the inside.

Aside from that, they offer a side of fish paste that is unlike any other since it is not
pungent and definitely adds a punch to whatever dish that you want.

3. Hon Kee Porridge

If you want to eat a hearty porridge, then you definitely have to visit the Hon Kee
Porridge place. This establishment has stood the test of time since it was first
established in 1949. It spans across three different generations and it is still going
strong with some really loyal patrons going to the place on a more frequent basis.

That being said, I highly recommend that you try their Sang Yu Chuk which is the
snakehead fish porridge. The dish comes in two- the first is the piping hot porridge and
the other is the uncooked fish that is filled with julienned ginger and a small side of coriander.

The technique here is that you dunk the fish on the hot porridge until it is cooked and
you bet the one to decide the level of doneness.

4. Balakong Pan Mee

The star dish of this establishment is their Pan Mee and it is unlike any other you can
find in Malaysia. You can have the meat finely chopped or in tear form where the chef
will just tear the meat with his bare hands.

I personally suggest the latter since it has the right consistency when put inside a bowl
of hot steaming soup.

To make the dish even fuller, you can add Sui Kows to the dish which is a nice
dumpling filled with carrots and meat.

5. Angcle Peoh Asam Laksa

Another establishment that you need to go to for a hearty soup is Angle Peoh’s place.
Their popular Air Itam Asam Laksa is a home-cooked dish that is filled with chili paste,
prawn paste, and some other ingredients. The soup is perfect to eat on a cold weather.

6. Yeoh’s Bah Kut Teh

If you are craving for Bah Kut Teh, I recommend that you head to Yeoh’s Bah Kut Teh
for an amazingly hearty soup.

You can choose between so many different meat options that can be incorporated in the
soup and because the soup’s base has been boiling for hours, you can expect the soup
to be so delicious that you want more than a bowl!

7. Sulaiman Cendol

Cendol is a perfect treat on a hot summer day and if you want to buy your fill, buy it from
Sulaiman’s cart.

Uncle Sulaiman is the person that is running the food cart and he offers a generous fill
of cendol that is usually filled with coconut milk, palm sugar syrup, red bean, and some
slivers of chendol which is some rice flour noodles that uncle Sulaiman doused with
green food coloring to make it look like pandan.

How to Buy Used Omega Women’s Watches: 5 Helpful Tips

How to Buy Used Omega Women’s Watches: 5 Helpful Tips

1. Select a reputable watch retailer.

Buying watches for women in Malaysia can be a real challenge, since there literally thousands of
choices around. This becomes even more challenging when buying second-hand Omega
watches. Before taking any major step with regards to your purchase, do research first. You
wouldn’t want to end up with a poor-quality used watch from an unreliable retailer.

    a. Make sure that their website is a professional-looking one.
    b. Find great-quality images.
    c. See to it that the watch retailer has a reliable customer support team.
    d. Check their website and social media content. Scammers don’t put in plenty of time in uploading content and improving their platform.

2. Look for scratches and dents.

Focus on the watch’s condition. There shouldn’t be any major damage. Keep in mind that used
Omega watches are quite different. Generally, these watches have been worn at a specific
amount of time before you get hold of them. Thus, there is always the risk of minor damages.

3. Remember the cost of services.

How much do you think will it cost to buy a second-hand Omega women’s timepiece? Apart
from the price of the watch, take into account the watch servicing costs. According to watch
professionals, the best decision is to have them serviced every 5 years.

4. Purchase the watch that you love.

This is probably one of the most important watch shopping tips you can follow. Whether you are
operating on a big or small budget, you must get the watch that you love. There is no point in
investing on a luxury watch brand like Omega if you don’t genuinely love the timepiece’s
features and complications. Select that one you like best.

5. Enjoy your new timepiece.

Once you get hold of your used Omega timepiece, it’s time for you to begin enjoying it. Wear it,
and let it help you manage your daily routine.

Online Product Customization – The Latest Trend in Ecommerce

Online Product Customization – The Latest Trend in Ecommerce

What Is Online Product Customization?

The present progressive technology and the advanced computerized world offer customers a
stage to personalize the result of their choice. In spite of the fact that item customization has
been well known for quite some time now, online business Malaysia customization has recently
taken off to lure more customers.

Here, the customer actively participates in the creation process to pick the result of their

How Can It Help in Conversion?

Customization of items enhances the user experience by giving them leverage to personalize
the item. It, as a rule, leads to more conversions for the eCommerce business giving this choice
to the customers.

Retailers who have already introduced and successfully implemented online item designer
devices in their online stores are doing great on the competitive front. In this way, it becomes
significant for other stores to introduce the same offer with new features to survive and
progress in the market.

Customers tend to choose stores that offer them items and services in trend; hence, it makes
sense to remain updated.

How Might You Personalize Your Store to Call-In More Customers?

Ecommerce stores are ceaselessly accumulating information to analyze customer behavior and
follow up on them to improve the customer experience while shopping with them. The same
can be followed to contemplate customer choices regarding the personalization of items.

Concentrate your customer’s truck history and see what they are generally interested in. Out of
those items, waitlist the ones for which you can offer customization.

Much the same as setting up an online store does not guarantee conversion, offering a specific
feature doesn’t pull in customers consequently. The same stands true for the customization of items.

Regardless of how effectively you have digitized the technological feature, you should chip
away at connecting with your customers. Advancement, item shows, setup, and the format are
terrifically critical to lure customers into purchasing your items. Strategies are involved in every
step you take towards the development of your eCommerce.

Online item customization facilitates brand awareness, and it increasingly engages the
customer in the process of item designing which helps the organization in identifying the
trends, therefore, adding another source of revenue to the online store.

In a survey, it was discovered that out of 1000 customers, 25-30% were ready to evaluate the
customization of items, while just 10% of them had tried it at the time. When you enable the
customer to personalize the item, they are abandoning passive buyers to active partners.

They are adding to the item development process. The mere consciousness of helping to create
the item makes a customer get it too. It is the brain research behind a customer that helps the
business get higher conversions.

To Conclude

An online item customization channel can be lucrative and flourishing if a balance is maintained
between the website design and user experience. The above-mentioned components can
conclude the accompanying reasons for the success of the trend in the online market:

● User experience:

Undoubtedly, online item customization provides a better customer experience where they can
get the results of their exact choice, shading, and design, without even trading off the solace of
shopping at a tick.

● Product advancement and development:

The customer is involved in the very process of item development and creation, which makes
him sure about the item he is going to purchase.

● Psychology:

This point can’t be ignored, definitely. When the customer is cognizant that he designed the
item, he is more ready to get it. Moreover, it was discovered that an average customer spends
around 20 minutes to customize an item he needs to purchase.

Online Casino Account: How to Create and Set Up

Online Casino Account: How to Create and Set Up

It’s difficult to decide which is the best online casino available to create an account as numerous of them exist and more are opening through time. In this article, we’ll guide you on how to pick an online casino, what things you need to check on it and how to set up your account.

Selecting an Online Casino

There are many considerations in picking an online casino which includes:

  • Bonus: Bonuses are a big plus as it provides a variety of items such as free spins and VIP loyalty schemes.
  • Variety of Games: Playing just one game may sound dull to some that’s why you should consider online casinos that offer a variety of games from roulette, poker- table games, and online slot games to online sports betting.
  • Security: It is a big must, especially if you value you money and personal information. You also need to consider if the site is licensed, legal and has a reliable online security system.
  • Payment and Cash out Options: Anything that relates money, especially in gambling, is mind boggling. Look for a site that has a simple and efficient deposit procedures and convenient ways of withdrawal. Also, find a site that supports you desired payment method: card, Paypal, e-wallet or Bitcoin and you can always check what payment methods the online casino can offer.
  • Customer Service and Support: Things don’t go well all the time and if that happens, you should know where to ask for help. Know where to chat, number of telephone support and read FAQs if needed. Keep in mind that many casinos offer different kind of customer support.
  • Free Games to Play: Many casinos offer games that are free to play and act as a free trial if the game will please you. Through this, you can check if the site and the games they offer suits you.

Signing Up Process

Visit the registration page and fill up the necessary information that the casino requires you to provide. These details are personal like your name, address, date of birth and the payment method of your choice. After that, the site will ask for you username, password and significant security questions. In most online casinos, they require your account to be verified through your email sent to you. Signing up using your social media profile are also available in other online casino sites.

Processing your Deposit

After signing up, your next step is to add money into your account:

  • Visit the deposit page of the site
  • Search your preferred payment method on the list provided
  • Select the amount you like to deposit
  • Transfer and confirm it to your online casino account

Verifying your Account and Identity

Playing immediately after your first deposit is allowed in some online casinos but you need to prove and verify your identity to continue playing and make a withdrawal. It’s a legal obligation to the online casinos to gather this information as it is required by law.

Online casinos will require you to upload a photo ID and proof of address which is dated for the last three months. You can provide this by sending through email or uploading to your account. After this procedure, you can fully use your online casino account with more efficient withdrawals and nearly boundless transaction limits.

How Can Businesses Profit from Mobile Applications?

How Can Businesses Profit from Mobile Applications?

As the world has gone mobile, more and more people are making use of their preferred
mobile devices to download mobile applications, which will further extend the
functionality of their smartphones and tablets.

Because of the fact that more and more people are spending money just to get these
mobile devices for whatever purpose that they have, entrepreneurs are making sure
that they invest in mobile app development either to sell mobile apps to their customers
or make use of apps to further streamline their business processes.
Today, I am going to go over some ways how businesses can profit from mobile apps.

Mobile Payment

The advent of credit cards was considered to be a momentous event given that these
small cards can replace money in terms of paying for some services. Unfortunately,
credit cards can be lost and someone can gain unauthorized access, allowing them to
use the credit card without the owner’s discretion.

Well, mobile applications can incorporate a mobile payment functionality that will allow
users to pay for the stuff that they want- either online or at the storefront- just by using a
particular mobile app.

This is secure mainly because such apps have robust security features and stringent
authentication requirements before a user can transact using the app.


CRM was mainly developed for use in desktops and other similar hardware. But,
because desktops are not as portable as mobile devices, that is quite cumbersome to maintain.

Thankfully, mobile devices nowadays can make use of customer relationship
management systems by using an application that has a particular feature. More and
more companies are spending a lot of money just to maintain data flow through CRM.

Customer Support

Back then, your customers would have to visit your website in the hopes of being able
to contact you. They might have any issues regarding some of your products and
services and they might want to talk to you about resolving them.

Now, a website is actually a great way for them to communicate with you, but the
problem is that there are no mobile browsers out there that are competent enough to
run web applications.

The good thing is that there are dedicated mobile apps out there that would give your
customer a direct link to your company so that you can resolve their issues in a timely manner.


Businesses and users alike can make use of productivity apps to help get things done in
a timely and more efficient manner. This is especially useful for people who often find
themselves distracted by a lot of things.

Productivity apps have a lot of amazingly useful features. For one, users can set
reminds to tell them that they are supposed to do something given a specific time. They
can also utilize such apps to help them set memos for specific tasks so that they do
them in the order that they were told.

Really, mobile apps are used mainly for the betterment of the end-user and businesses
should think about this so that they can get into the mobile app development train.

Intermittent Fasting: How Can it Helps to Your Body?

Intermittent Fasting: How Can it Helps to Your Body?

Intermittent fasting is in excess of a healthy eating diet — it might help moderate the maturing procedure, bring down your risks for cardiovascular ailment, and improve your nature of rest. Although, there are supplements for men in Malaysia that would help men to stay healthier and stronger.

What is Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent fasting—times of deliberate restraint from food and drink—is an expansive term that can be connected to a wide range of health practices. This kind of counting calories has compelled numerous books and has gotten a ton of consideration starting late as studies have demonstrated that it might decrease the hazard for a few maladies.

It Helps You Lose Weight

Research demonstrates that checking calories and restricting your nourishment choices make abstaining from excessive food intake a task and causes pressure which frequently prompts surrender of the eating regimen, sentiments of hardship, uncontrolled yearnings, and weight recover. Adjusting to irregular fasting, a technique for booked eating and fasting, depends entirely on time. A few people need greater adaptability with regards to getting more fit. They would prefer not to consider abstaining from excessive food intake each day of the week, they lose inspiration after a specific timeframe of limiting calories.

It Helps You Keep the Weight Off Over the Long Term

Following an irregular fasting diet may make it less demanding to keep up the weight you lost over the long haul. A two-section think about thought about the consolidated impact of a high-protein, discontinuous fasting, low-calorie diet plan with a conventional heart healthy eating regimen plan.

It Helps Those at Risk for Developing Diabetes

Getting more fit, moving more, and eating a sound eating routine can help fend off creating type 2 diabetes, clarifies Politi. When you get in shape you turn out to be more insulin-touchy—it drives the glucose down.” When we eat, our body discharges insulin into the circulation system to supply the cells with vitality, however the individuals who are pre-diabetics are insulin-safe, which implies their glucose levels stay raised. Discontinuous fasting may help individuals who are pre-diabetic since it requires the body to deliver insulin less frequently.