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6 Wordpress Plugins that Will Help Bolster Your Website’s Security

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6 WordPress Plugins that Will Help Bolster Your Website’s Security

WordPress is arguably the most popular content management system out there. You can either create a website and have it hosted with their own servers or you can get a great hosting company of your own.

Anyway, what I love about WordPress is the ability for you to install different plugins that will further enhance, improve, or provide additional features to your website.

In today’s article, I will go over some popular plugins that will help bolster your website’s security.

Login Lockdown

This plugin can actually help prevent brute force attacks on your website by keeping track of anyone who is trying to login to their account on your page.

If the user or some entity would provide false information, every failed attempt would be recorded along with the IP address of the person who is trying to access your website.

Subsequent failed attempts using the same IP will automatically be banned from logging in for at least an hour (by default).

You can set different parameters on the settings page of the plugin itself.


This is one of the best security plugins that you can install on WordPress. This acts as a typical antivirus program similar to the one that you install on a computer.

That being said, it scans your entire files and website resources to find malware and malicious codes. Depending on the number of files that are on your page, performance will degrade when the scan is running.

However, I find it invaluable, especially in this day and age which is why I am recommending this plugin if you want to bolster your website’s security.

WP-DB Manager

As a webmaster, it is your responsibility to conduct backups of your website’s files so that in the event of a crash, you will be covered as you have a backup.

WP-DB manager is a handy plugin that will allow you to create automatic backups based on the specific time that you’ve set.

User Spam Behavior

WordPress can be attacked by spambots initiated by hackers and other dubious people. This plugin essentially looks at your user list and removes any accounts that haven’t been logged in for quite a while.

Do not worry as any account that is deemed as active after some time can be reverted back to the list as the plugin creates backups.

Bad Behavior

If you are having a constant battle with people who spam nonsense comments on your blog or website, then this plugin is a godsend.
Bad Behavior is a plugin that automatically prevents spammers from posting any more messages to your website and, to make matters worse for them, the plugin will also bar these people from ever reading any content on your page.


The last plugin on the list is Defender and it provides you with a couple of security features, including the ability to hide error reporting, changing low-level security recommendations, etc.