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7 Rules for a Successful Career in Architecture

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7 Rules for a Successful Career in Architecture

1. Architects should be champions of sustainably-built structures and environments.

Top architects from reputable architecture firms in Malaysia must be passionate about educating people about sustainability. Sustainable architecture is rapidly emerging in the field, and passionately practicing it can result to more clients.

2. Architects build communities.

Only 2% of the population can afford the expensive architecture services. What are you planning to do with the remaining 98%. You need to get involved in the community.

3. For architects, education doesn’t end in school.

Learn how to stay at the forefront of technology, systems and materials. Through this, you can stay relevant. Never let the world pass you by.

4. The best architects learn from their mentors.

If possible, talk to an experienced architect about your goals and plans. You will learn a lot of things in the process, and will remind you about the significance of this profession.

5. Architects dwell on positivity.

Architects are encouraged to harness their energy and optimism each and every time. Life is not perfect, and even professionals experience ups and downs. As an architect, you need to inspire yourself to be always optimistic and positive, even during the most boring, stressful moments.

6. Architects are determined to follow the career path they want.

Contemplate on the kind of career path you want to follow. Many people think about this for quite some time, so no rush. Pursuing architecture is not an overnight decision.

7. Networking is the key to your success.

The world of architecture is small and thriving. Get to know the people in your community. Whether they are a beginner or an experienced professional, they can surely help you in the future in one way or another.