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5 Ways AI Will Impact The Future of SEO

5 Ways AI Will Impact The Future of SEO

SEO is a game of results. Whether you are managing a personal blog or ecommerce website, you need to implement a good SEO services packages and strategy to drive you to success. How can you stay ahead of the game, most especially this coming 2019? Below are some AI predictions that can impact SEO’s future.

What is AI SEO?

AI is regarded as the future of marketing. IT refers to technology that imitates human intelligence. Artificial intelligence includes a vast range of capabilities like image recognition, voice recognition, semantic searching and machine learning.

Just like AI, the world of SEO is rapidly changing and progressing. It is gradually transforming digital marketing, and more positive changes will follow suit.

1. There will be lesser black hat SEO tactics.

Witch hat by Lixaxy
Black hat search engine optimization tactics exploit algorithm weaknesses to get higher website rankings. Further advancements in artificial intelligence search signals might soon improve the demand for SEO strategies focusing on content relevancy. These advancements would prevent black hat practices.

2. More people would use voice search AI on their mobile phones.

User behavior is gradually changing. How people search for important information is gradually changing. Now, they are utilizing voice search on their smartphones, and voice assistance to look for important details online. Thank you to artificial intelligence, digital search is becoming more and more conversational.

3. SEO marketers will focus more on visual content.

Google and other search engines are getting better at understanding the real value of videos and images. To maximize the results of their SEO initiatives, several marketers need to focus on visual content, and optimizing them accordingly.

4. Real-time data is going to be big.

Thumbs Up by libberry
One of AI’s biggest impacts on SEO is the effectiveness and speed that it provides to universal digital marketing efforts. AI can organize and aggregate search terms and keywords, and at the same time, figure out how to utilize them properly.

5. It’s all about user experience and value.

Artificial intelligence will surely revolutionize people’s search behavior. However, if you’re already doing it for quite a while, then it would make no difference to the performance of your business. This only means that you already have a good head start in search’s future. AI will always be there to develop customized applications to make your life easier.

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