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Choosing The Right Watch Dial Color

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Choosing The Right Watch Dial Color

Consider every watch you buy as an investment. They may be expensive, but they deserve to be worn regularly. For it to work, you must learn how to match them with your clothes. Color is an important element that can help you match your clothes with your timepieces. There is no point in purchasing a vintage Rolex watch with an elegant salmon dial if it makes you wouldn’t look like a boss inside the boardroom.

See to it that you are choosing the correct watch dial color. At some point, you will have a hard time choosing among the sleek watch design’s in Malaysia. That’s completely normal. There are tons of timepieces on the preowned and vintage market, so take your time in picking the right one.

Blue – Intelligence, Confidence and Trust

Timepieces with blue dials are crucial parts of today’s different watch trends. In fact, there are tons of new blue-dialed watch models from brands such as Omega, Rolex and Patek Philippe. Blue is highly versatile, bold primary color that can be paired easily with all kinds of clothes. A timepiece with a blue dial would look amazing with black and brown straps.

White – Light, Purity and Innocence

Are you getting your first ever vintage watch? A white dial is good choice. The color white has a universal appeal that makes it suitable for office wear or casual parties. Since it is a neutral shade, it can be paired with any outfit.

Black – Practicality, Formality and Power

Black is the correct watch dial color for formality, power and practicality. It is practical because of the fact that timepieces with black dials usually comes with luminous hands that make it easier to check the time in poor, low-light visibility. Many people settle with buying a black-faced timepiece if its band is also black. You can consider this as a faulty logic, since there are tons of brands out there that pair silver cases with black dials.

Green Orange and Red – Fertility, Enthusiasm, and Energy

A red dials suggest that you are an eccentric, action-oriented person. Yellow usually represents inclination and alertness to be orderly. Orange, on the other hand, show warmth, as well as a tendency to be sociable and outgoing. For green dials, a military connotation is always attached. These are challenging colors to wear, but at the end of the day, it’s your own personal style that would fuel your confidence.