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How Can Businesses Profit from Mobile Applications?

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How Can Businesses Profit from Mobile Applications?

As the world has gone mobile, more and more people are making use of their preferred mobile devices to download mobile applications, which will further extend the functionality of their smartphones and tablets.

Because of the fact that more and more people are spending money just to get these mobile devices for whatever purpose that they have, entrepreneurs are making sure that they invest in mobile app development either to sell mobile apps to their customers or make use of apps to further streamline their business processes.

Today, I am going to go over some ways how businesses can profit from mobile apps.

Mobile Payment

The advent of credit cards was considered to be a momentous event given that these small cards can replace money in terms of paying for some services. Unfortunately, credit cards can be lost and someone can gain unauthorized access, allowing them to use the credit card without the owner’s discretion.

Well, mobile applications can incorporate a mobile payment functionality that will allow users to pay for the stuff that they want- either online or at the storefront- just by using a particular mobile app.

This is secure mainly because such apps have robust security features and stringent authentication requirements before a user can transact using the app.


CRM was mainly developed for use in desktops and other similar hardware. But, because desktops are not as portable as mobile devices, that is quite cumbersome to maintain.

Thankfully, mobile devices nowadays can make use of customer relationship management systems by using an application that has a particular feature. More and more companies are spending a lot of money just to maintain data flow through CRM.

Customer Support

Back then, your customers would have to visit your website in the hopes of being able to contact you. They might have any issues regarding some of your products and services and they might want to talk to you about resolving them.

Now, a website is actually a great way for them to communicate with you, but the problem is that there are no mobile browsers out there that are competent enough to run web applications.

The good thing is that there are dedicated mobile apps out there that would give your customer a direct link to your company so that you can resolve their issues in a timely manner.


Businesses and users alike can make use of productivity apps to help get things done in a timely and more efficient manner. This is especially useful for people who often find themselves distracted by a lot of things.

Productivity apps have a lot of amazingly useful features. For one, users can set reminds to tell them that they are supposed to do something given a specific time. They can also utilize such apps to help them set memos for specific tasks so that they do them in the order that they were told.

Really, mobile apps are used mainly for the betterment of the end-user and businesses should think about this so that they can get into the mobile app development train.