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How important pharmacist is in the medical industry?

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How important pharmacist is in the medical industry?

We all know how important doctors and nurses are in the medical industry, whenever we go to the hospital we will see these two important roles delivering their job to treat other people. However, do we know that the medical industry would not be functioning without the help of pharmacists?


The role of a pharmacist is extremely crucial in the hospital, clinics, and also the medical industry. 



Their main task is to prescribe and manage the right medication for patients. Doctors would tell the patients what medication they need for their illness, however, the pharmacist is the one that will give you the right amount of dosage and they will be the one that tells you when and how to take the medication. Without their guidance, we would be completely clueless on how to take our medication. 


Besides that, they would also monitor the effectiveness of the medications towards the patients. This will allow them to conclude whether the patient needs a higher dosage of drugs or different types of the drug for medicinal purposes. 


It would also be a requirement for pharmacists to create a care plan for the patients. What are care plans? Care plans are the goals and ways to achieve their health plans under the drug treatments. With the guidance of a pharmacist, patients will be able to keep track of their health. 


Next, they would be in charge to monitor the drug chart of each patient. Drug chart is required to be precise and detailed so that they will be no miscommunication between other hospital staff about the correct treatment for the patients. To assure the drug chart is correct, it must be handled by a professional who knows the right medication and its side effects. 


Most would think that nurses and doctors are the ones that would discharge the patients from the hospital. However, pharmacists’ responsibility is to decide if the patients can or cannot be discharged after fully monitoring their recovery. 


Lastly, pharmacists also need to keep updated on the latest drug treatment and different new medication types. They will need to research the most suitable medications, their effectiveness, and their side effects. This information then needs to be present to the hospital, so that the hospital will be able to deliver the best treatment and medical care to their patients. 


These are some of the pharmacist’s important roles in medical care and hospital. Without their assistance and professional advice, the institutions would not be able to function well. They are the backbone of the industries and their role is as important as doctors and nurses. 


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