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How to Play the Game ‘Let it Ride’?

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How to Play the Game ‘Let it Ride’?

Blackjack was one of those early games implemented in casinos all over the world and for a time, it was a pretty good game. A lot of players actually love the game due to the fact that they can employ certain measures that pretty much ensure their victory.

Since Thorpe released his book about some basic strategies of Blackjack, some players are able to make use of card counting as a means to gain the upper hand. The premise of the said strategy would be that the player assigns a point value to help them somewhat determine the next set of cards that will be drawn from the deck.

Because of this seemingly unfair advantage, casinos employed the help of a company known as the Shuffle Master. The company, in an attempt to foil the card counters’ attempt to win the game of Blackjack, has created automatic card shuffling machines.

Although it has indeed stopped card counters from having an unfair advantage, it also created a game that makes use of such machines. That game is known as “Let it Ride”.

It is already implemented in a lot of different gambling institution all over the world, particularly in Newtown Casino in Malaysia.

Today, I am going to talk about some basic information on how to play the game of Let it Ride and so that you can enjoy this with your friends and family.

How to Play

The game of Let it Ride is played on typical blackjack tables. There will be a total of three circles that are present in front of every player. Those circles are marked with specific symbols- numbers 1 and 2, and a dollar ($) symbol as well.

Before the game starts, the player will place three equal bets on each of the aforementioned circles. The automatic card shuffling machine will then deal out the cards at about three at a time.

After all of the players have been given their own set of cards, the dealer will then discard a card from their hand- leaving them with only two cards left. The remaining cards will be face down so that the players are unable to see them.

Cards Counting

The machine will then start counting the remaining cards that are left in the discard tray. After which, all of the players are then allowed to have a glimpse of their hand. At this juncture, the player will be given the option to either take back the bet they’ve placed in the first circle or just ‘Let it Ride’.

If the player decides to take their bet back, the cards in their hands would be scraped against the table- sort of making a brushing motion with your three-card hand.

Once all of the players have made their decisions, the dealer will then reveal the first community card (out of the two remaining cards) which are placed in front of the dealer.

The card will be used as the fourth card for all of the players’ hands. The player will be given the option of taking back their second bet or just let it ride (again). Even if you chose to ride your first bet, you are still allowed to take your second bet if you choose.

After everything is said and done, the dealer will then expose the second community card. This will then complete the 5-card hand that is needed by every player to contend for the jackpot.

At this point, the player will get all of their winning bets based on the paytable that is given by the dealer at the start of the game.