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Interesting Casino Myths

Interesting Casino Myths

Choosing to play in Regal88 is the best decision a gambler can make amidst the pandemic. Gambling, after all, is not something important. It is for fun. But make sure it does not have a negative impact on your family. 


Have you heard about some negative things about casinos? Maybe what you heard is just a myth? Check out below if they are just a myth or not:

  • The thought that if a roulette lands on the same color for a number of times, it will most probably land on the other color the next spin. What you think of it might be right, but not because it is pointing to another color for many times already. Every new spin has the same chances. It could be in the same color for the entire day and that is purely by chance. 
  • When you are not winning for a while in a slot game, chances are you will get something big. Well, just like the previous myth, the same thing can be applied here. Every time you push a button in a slot machine, the odds are refreshed. So, the chances of winning are always the same as well, no matter the previous result. 
  • Some say that casinos are pumping something on their floors, so the players won’t feel tired and won’t think about going home. This is a big lie of course. Besides, this is not a legal process and they won’t be permitted to do this. 
  • Dealers can control the spin of a roulette so they can avoid big payouts. A lot of people say this, but we know this is not true. Casinos are big businesses. They are a reputable business. If things like this do happen, there is a chance the management does not know. 
  • There is a good chance you will win if you choose a busy casino. While it is true that there are more payouts in a busy casino as there are more players, as an individual, it is still the same. No matter if the casino is the busiest or not, your chances will remain the same. 
  • Positioning in poker will affect the outcome.This will not guarantee your winnings and it does not mean that if you switch seats, you will right away be in a better position. 

These are myths. They are not real so you should not believe them. But it does not mean that you won’t be careful when choosing an online casino