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NFT’s aren’t just for art

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Aside from tweets and images, what other kinds of NFTs are out there in the world? Are you looking for nft marketplace malaysia? It seems to be flooded with digital Mona Lisas and Starry Nights.


The most common type of NFT is art.It is due to this that art is also the NFT kind with the highest sales. When NFTs were created, artists had a fantastic opportunity to sell their finest pieces virtually, just as if they were tangible works of art. Many of the most costly NFTs available right now are pieces of art. The same holds true for video art pieces. The sales of little videos and now even GIFs have been phenomenal.


NFTs might be compared to online trading cards. We are all aware of the thousands of dollars that can be spent on limited edition baseball cards, and the NFT market isn’t any different. Trading card virtual replicas are available for purchase and trading, and they can be kept much like genuine trading cards. And some of them sell for more than a million dollars, just like the genuine thing. On the NFT marketplace, businesses can sell a wide variety of collectibles in addition to trading cards. You have the freedom to put anything on the market if you can classify it as collectible.

Virtual Fashion

looking for nft marketplace malaysia

Why then should clothing be any different when everything else is virtual on the NFT market? You can spend a lot of money on a stunning outfit, but you will be unable to wear it. People who purchase fashion NFTs will instead dress up online avatars. A digital purse or jewellery is unquestionably something that more lavish and stylish people own. Of course, there will only be a few numbers of each, each with a special design.

Video Game Parts

Video games are a new area in the NFT industry. Not all games are being sold as NFTs by companies. They will instead market in-game stuff like skins, avatars, and other content. Currently, players can purchase millions of copies of DLC assets, but an NFT asset will only be available to one buyer. The limited edition DLC can be sold on the NFT marketplace in addition to the usual DLC that developers can offer.

Domain Names

The NFT craze can also spread to domain names. A benefit of this is that you can acquire a domain name and resell it through the NFT marketplace. To administer your domain name, you typically have to pay a third-party business. You can avoid the middlemen by purchasing one on the NFT market and claiming sole ownership of the name.


looking for nft marketplace malaysia

The NFT spectrum places music highly as well. Since it is produced and delivered on records, cassettes, CDs, and digitally, music has long been a fungible good. However, DJs and artists are now raking in millions of dollars in a short period of time by selling their material as NFTs. Because of concessions made by record labels and streaming platforms, musicians often only keep a small portion of the revenue generated by their music. NFTs allow musicians to retain nearly all of the proceeds, which is the reason so many are choosing this strategy.