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Organizing a Networking Dinner

Organizing a Networking Dinner

1. Venue and Location

The very first thing you must decide on is the place where you will hold your networking dinner. If you love cooking, you would surely love the idea of hosting it on your home. That can bring about a more intimate experience, but eh logistics is more challenging. To make things easier for you, host it in a restaurant with a cozy feel.

2. Payment

So, how are you planning to handle the payment? If you are dining at a restaurant, the most awkward aspect is dealing with the check once it arrives. For one-time networking dinners, the host usually shoulders the costs. However, if your event happens on a regular basis, that decision can be really expensive.

3. Guest List

Every event planner in Malaysia recognizes the significance of a guest list. Whether it’s a birthday party or a networking dinner, you must focus on putting together an amazing event guest list. Ask them ahead of time if they are available on the day of your event.

4. Conversations

The conversations are the most important parts of networking dinners. As the host, you need to direct and step up every conversation. Never stay passive. Mingle well, and take control of the conversation, if you have to. Take charge of group introductions. Give each guest a better sense of all the people on the table, so later on in the night, they would know who to converse with further. You got to work on those conversation skills!