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Router Connections Issues and Formatting Solutions

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A device (such as your PC) must be linked to a modem, which is commonly done through a separate router, in order to communicate with the internet. The modem converts and adjusts the signal from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) so that it may be used in your house.

After that, the router connects to the modem and forms the network to which your device is connected. Modems and routers are sometimes combined into one device, which is typically delivered by your ISP when you sign up for service.


Your PC can connect to the internet and begin playing games online once this local network is connected. The fundamentals are straightforward, but each step in the process is worth investigating.


You Need To Format Your Computer 

Maybe at some point, your computer frustrates you, then most of the time you spend fixing software damage and removing viruses just finds a dead end. Or maybe, you have tried various ways to reboot your system but it still operates slowly. In general, unless we have knowledge in the recovery of a problem, it is still difficult to recover. When this happens, formatting the computer is a way that can help. With one format, it eliminates the problem and brings your computer back in good condition.


Among the reasons why you need to format your computer:-


– Your computer is not working

– Your hard drive is full

– There are too many viruses in the system

– To upgrade your pc system

– Your computer is slow


Three Reasons You Must Format The Laptop

Normal people will not format their laptops at will. Computer formats have their own risks. But if the laptop is short of work, don’t wait any longer. Normal people will not format their laptops at will. Computer formats have their own risks. But if the laptop is short of work, don’t wait any longer.


Here are three reasons why you must format your computer:


  1. Install a new operating system on the machine (OS)


Just because your computer came with Windows 7 doesn’t mean you have to stick with it indefinitely. Your computer’s operating system may need to be changed or upgraded. Formatting is the first step in installing a new operating system.


  1. Virus infection

Viruses are created by damaged files and attack files within computer systems. Viruses degrade system performance by taking over a significant amount of work from the CPU. This makes it harder for other programmes to function. Formatting is the answer.


  1. The computer system is quite sluggish.

Aside from boosting your computer’s RAM or converting to SSD, reformat can also help with a sluggish PC. However, formatting your computer system will not necessarily help it run faster.


Prepare Stuff Before Formatting Your PC or Laptop 

What you need to prepare before you start formatting,


  • Windows operating system installation disc with CD-KEY
  • Device Drivers
  • Antivirus software


After having a good PC and laptop, enjoy your new fresh laptop. Then, care about your internet connection. Yes this is why the Malaysia moxa convertor is one of the ways to surf the internet better.