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Smart Ways to Decorate Your Dorm

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Smart Ways to Decorate Your Dorm

Many college students need more space, more light, and more style as dorms are the only place they call home while in college. So it’s only fair they want to make the best of their rooms.

This need becomes more evident as they pursue professions such as interior design firms. Many of those students have set design trends for small spaces and in the field of furniture design, trying to solve their problems at hand. Our approach to problem solving has led to solutions now being used everywhere in small rooms and small apartments.

Elevate Your Bed

One probably thought about how much storage space is being wasted by leaving the area above the bed without any furniture for storage. You may regain the precious space for storage, furniture or a small couch by putting the bed above. Now you are going to have a new place to relax and even to learn.

If you can’t raise your bed, then another great way to use some of that space is to lift it up enough so that you can put some drawers under the bed. The value this offers? Less storage space, less effort is needed, and you’re not going to have to climb a staircase to get to your bed–handy when you’re really tired or come home from a party. You can simply store your things and cover the room with a nice cloth, if you are on a budget and not in DIY. It looks clean and stylish.

Widen Your Room with the Help of Mirrors

Everywhere, this style trick was used: from living rooms to restaurants, bathrooms and kitchens. So why not use it in a student’s room at a college? It will add more light to the spot, and the space would look twice its size if it is a large mirror–like a full body mirror. You won’t have to nail the mirror to the wall, you can just place it next to the wall carefully, and the mirror itself will do the rest. Besides, the mirror will be a necessary item if the student is one who cares for their appearance.

Decorate Your Room with Removable Wallpapers

It is widely known that college students are not really in control of the room in which they reside, so any design ideas involving painting or permanent damage to the structure and walls are quickly discarded. The industry has luckily provided us with some fabrics that are ideal for adding color to the bedroom and that can be easily removed later.

Removable wallpaper, just like normal wallpapers, comes in as many patterns and colors as you can imagine. You can pick which pattern suits your style. Cover the spot behind your desk, the wall next to your bed, or you can rearrange the bed and use the wall as a fun headboard. Once you have finished your studies you can simply peel it off the wall without causing any damage.

Bring Your Furnitures If You Can

In general, the rooms are decorated for students, but this is traditional and does not reflect the personality of the student at all. If you have a place to store this furniture so you can carry your own furniture, then so be it! Productivity has been proven to increase when people feel more comfortable, and develop a sense of belonging to the place where they work or study.

So if there are no issues with the college or landlord, and you can carry your own furniture to your college house, then take the opportunity to give the place an atmosphere of its own.

Beautify the Room with Tapestry

If removable wallpaper is not your thing (or if it is not approved by the college), you can hang a tapestry on the wall so that it can become the room’s focal point and at the same time bring some color. The same tapestry will serve as a headboard if you wish, so you’ll save some precious inches–which seem trivial until you’ve got to deal with a really small room.

To those students with a passion for handmade fabrics and bohemian spaces, this concept is great. Combining the tapestry with some tiny lights in the ceiling will change the atmosphere. The room is going to be sleek, colourful and without harming the properties of the institution.

Do Many Things with Multi-Function Furniture

It’s better to go for the tiny but functional furniture like a small table that can be turned into four small benches, or a pouf that can be used as a chair, an ottoman and even a table if you’re just watching a movie and need a spot for the popcorn and snacks. An ottoman that lets you store stuff inside is also a great choice.

If you want to keep it simple, then this multi-functional furniture is the perfect choice for your room. The mattress may fold to be a small bench or a small table, and later it may unfold to be a chair or a bed. This is also a great way for guests to crash after a “test” late at night.

Design a Room for Two

It’s no secret that students at the college share their space with a roommate more often than not. Both will need space for storage, illumination, warmth and a position that looks as large as possible. So if it’s ok with them, a cohesive color palette or buying furniture that can suit both people is an added value that needs to be taken into consideration.

Of course, when it comes to colors and decorations, all students will have their own personalities and interests but most likely their needs will be the same. So a closet can do wonders for a college room that suits two rows of hangers, or matching bed sheets.

These are some of the most successful ways to make a college dorm room at its best. These are mainly inexpensive, and will make the space a comfortable place with the right conditions to increase productivity while studying and working.