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Why Is Call Of Duty Popular Among Kids?

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You all have heard of the game “Call of Duty”. The game is so well-known that it is one of the most popular fps games in terms of its popularity. Not just that, the game is also popular among kids even though it’s supposed to be an 18+, mature game. But why is it?


Main competitor

Throughout Call of Duty’s history, Call of Duty has one main rival that competes with Call of Duty to not only be the most popular FPS game but also strive to be better to attract the players from either side.


Why is Call of Duty popular among kids?

That comes to the question of why Call of Duty is extremely popular among kids compared to Battlefield even though both games are one of the most popular games? Some stated that the reason why Call of Duty is more popular than Battlefield among kids is that Call of Duty is aimed for casual players, whereas Battlefield caters towards players who like tactical shooters with a mixture of casual. But overall, more hardcore than Call of Duty. It is typical that kids would prefer to enjoy casual gameplay rather than more hardcore gameplay with the likes of Battlefield.


Learning curves

According to those who prefer to play Call of Duty. The reason why they prefer Call of Duty over Battlefield or any other fps game is that the learning curve of Call of Duty is easy with its own difficulty. To add on, some say that the gameplay mechanics of Call of Duty is easy and straightforward. Much easier to learn and adapt. To further clarify, Call of Duty offers a “pick up and play” experience, whereas Battlefield requires more effort and time to learn, and each map in Battlefield has a different style and flow.

Additionally, the gameplay of each game is different. As mentioned a few times, Call of Duty offers simplicity. The gameplay style of Call of Duty encourages people to get as many kills as possible with the aim of getting a good K.D. ratio. As for Battlefield, it is not encouraged to get kills as much as the game is more about objective bound and teamwork.



The difference between Call of Duty and Battlefield is the accessibility. As you know, Call of Duty has a yearly release, giving players the opportunity to play the new game if they get bored easily. As for Battlefield, the game releases every 2-3 years. So, players have to wait for quite some time to play the new game.



So in summary, both games offer good core gameplay with good experience. It is down to the individual to see what kind of games they prefer to play. If both games do not interest you, there are still many other fps games out there that you can try if you wish to do so. For example, Apex Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Rainbow Six Siege and many more.

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